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Aug 24, 2020

Do we need therapy? This week, we talk with Andrea Phillips, M.S. who is a family therapist specialized in blended families, including topics surrounding step family difficulties, blended family conflict, and adoption and foster family adjustment. Andrea introduces the terminology of "Blend-ING Families" as a necessary reminder for step, foster, adoptive, and other family types to remember how the process of joining and coming together as a family unit is ongoing. We learn about “kindred families” and how unique but not uncommon they are in the world. Plus, Andrea and I discuss and share several signs and flags to pay attention to when addressing when it’s time for your family to seek therapy together, including major family transitions, when you, as the parents, are fighting, or your children act out or isolate extensively. And we talk about the children in these families and the things they reveal to us in that discovery. Finally, if seeking family counseling and support, listen in as we discuss next steps and approaches to how to start family therapy.