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Mar 15, 2021

Being a Christian, going to church, and seeking prayer is a comfort to so many. Our faith, beliefs, religions, and spiritualities shape the very nature of who we are. But when in need, faith and religion do not have to cancel out the need for therapy. Nor does going to therapy or counseling mean that you've given up or become weak in your faith or beliefs. Plus, in the black church community, therapy is far too stigmatized when we need help.

My guest, Minister Sheena Rolle, shares the reminder of how faith and therapy can be very complimentary in our journey of wellness. She reminds, all good things come from God.

Together, we discuss the church's role of pastoral counseling and new partnerships with outside mental health support, plus therapists and other mental health professionals taking on Christian counseling as a trained specialty and certification, each to address people in need of help which blends these two worlds. Talking to God and a therapist should not be seen as a conflict. And it can even be a great source of strength as well as an unexpected and surprising opportunity to deepen your faith.

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