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Jun 1, 2021

Pianist, Allen C. Paul, has made his career as a professional musician playing big and small stages across the country and beyond. But he's also a teacher, author, podcaster, and overall creative, not to mention husband and father.
In this episode, we talk with Allen about his life and the many lessons that made him into the man and artist he is today. We listen to what his music means to him and how he works on his mind and mental health diligently, as we all should. He talks about his journey with both faith and therapy as supports in managing his depression and ADHD as well as his creativity.
Plus, Allen shares why he does not believe in "the starving, struggling artist", but instead the artist who can grow his talent while honoring God AND being more balanced, blessed, and abundant in life. And, of course, we talk with Allen about his excellent podcast and community of fellow artists and creatives.
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